Take your book sales to the next level with Facebook® Ads 

Facebook® ads is the next level in building your business so this is for you if you have your foundations in place and are ready to start attracting readers with paid tactics.


We will be creating two types of ads - (1) to your freebie offer and (2) to a paid book (via your website).


This is a 6-week LIVE workshop, with weekly LIVE calls so you can check in on your progress and get your questions answered in person.


Here's what I am going to bring to the workshop...

I will step you through:

  • How to set up your business manager and connect your pixel so you have confidence you are maximising your ad spend

  • How to identify your audience and create a variety of audience types so you are targeting the right readers and reducing your ad spend.

  • How to write Facebook® ads that are so compelling they make readers stop the scroll and click on your ad.

  • How to quickly and easily design images for your Facebook® ads that grab their attention.

  • How to test your Facebook® ads and quickly make changes... the right way!

  • How to adapt to the iOS privacy updates and still discover your ideal readers.

Here's what you need to bring to the workshop:

  • You need to be able to commit $5 a day to ads ($150 a month)

  • You need to have (1) a freebie and (2) a book that costs money with a page on your website (think of this page as your landing page - where we will send buyers who then choose which store to purchase your book from). I recommend a boxset with the first 3-4 books in a series otherwise a 1st in series book.

  • You need to add your Facebook® pixel to your website (I will show you how to do this)

  • You need a Facebook® Page

  • You need a Facebook® readers group

  • You believe in yourself 80%; I will bring the other 20%!!

Get My Book Out There with Facebook® Ads

with Narelle Todd

Facebook® ads is the next level in building your business so this is for you if you have your foundations in place and are ready to start attracting readers with paid tactics.


    Set up your Facebook® Business Manager & your pixel so you know all the pieces are connected and working. 


    Identify your audience and create a variety of audience types so you are targeting the readers most likely to buy.


    Write Facebook® ads that are so compelling you makes readers stop the scroll and click on your ad.


    Find the perfect images to intrigue and convert new-to-you readers. We give you Canva templates.


    Testing is an important (and overlooked) part of optimizing your ads. I show you easy ways to test and measure without going crazy.


    Change your ads the right way so you save money and stay on top of what is working and not working with your campaign.


    Apple's announcement of privacy updates that puts the power to allow tracking or not is changing how ads work. I will share workarounds with you.


    Know what to do if something should go wrong. It does happen to the best and legal of us.

See what some of my other students think..

S.E. Smith

"Narelle is innovative, insightful, uses data to drive how she markets, is very loyal, honest, and of the highest ethics I've ever seen in any business/person. Success does not come overnight and good marketing that builds takes time to set up the systems to support it."

Pauline Baird Jones

"Narelle is not only a savvy expert in the art of promotion, she was unfailingly kind and patient. Her attitude was always “how can I help?” She encouraged us to try new things and had a great sense of humor through the process.​"

Jill Wallace

"Narelle! You have taken a quivering manual-loving, old school old broad, and turned her into an active social media contributor! Imagine. That's a feat I never thought I could tout. You broke the ice in an impressive way. You removed the fear and replaced it with systems that make sense and little bites of the elephant instead of just giving me a knife and fork. You simplified. You artfully explained. You gave me the tools I needed and the systems you have proven.​"

Cassandra Chandler

"I just finished Narelle Todd's Signature Get My Book Out There Blueprint and I have to say this is the course I wish I had had when first starting out. It's meant as a foundation for the business side of your writing career and it really delivered for me. What I found most impressive was the breadth of the content... She guided us through everything step by step providing useful videos and extra support of content as we needed it along the way... It was such a profound experience working with Narelle."​

These are the questions I get asked the most

Will I sell books with Facebook® ads?

What other costs are there?

Is there a Facebook® Support Group?

How long do I have access?

How long does it take to go through?

What if Facebook® changes things?

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